New for i-tus this Quarter

27th October 2015

Hi there! We’ve been hard at work recently adding in some new features to i-tus. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve just put in.

Employee Profiles


We’ve revamped the way that employee information is shown in Manage Employees. You’ll no longer have to scour through endless information fragmented across multiple modules; the new employee profiles consolidate all your employee data in one place.

View their Assessments, qualifications and training records, in addition to an overview of what Pool Plant readings and Checklists they have completed. An easy layout makes finding the information you want easy, saving you time and hassle.

Copying checks and Checklists

We’ve updated Checklists to allow users to copy individual checks within a Checklist, or duplicate a entire Checklist with ease. When managing Checklists, there’s now an additional Copy option, and each check within a Checklist now has a Copy button when you’re in the editor. A simple change that saves time.

Viewing Answers for Completed Assessments

Another new feature we’ve released in this update is the ability to view the answers given for an employee’s Assessment. Go into your list of Assessments and each completed Assessment will have a button to view the answers the employee gave for each question.

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If you have any questions about these new features in i-tus or need any help, please contact us.