Updates This Spring

8th April 2016

Happy April! We’ve been busy working away on i-tus and we have a few changes to note in this month’s update:

Updated Formatting on Reports Printouts

We’ve cleaned up the table designs on our report printouts to get rid of some display issues and maximise page usage, so printed reports should now be easier on the eyes.

Select All Employees When Issuing Training

We’ve also re-introduced the ability to bulk select employees for Ongoing Training enrollment. From the issue training screen within Ongoing Training, you should see two new buttons:

  • Select Visible – Selects the employees you can see on the employee table; you can filter the list and use this button to select groups of employees quickly
  • Select All – Selects all of your employees

Bug Fixes

As always, we’re making sure i-tus runs as smoothly as possible for our users and in this update we’ve released a number of bug fixes.

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